Photos from Madagascar

Here are some photos from my trip to Madagascar:

My sister, talking to one of her friends.

Greggory’s neighbors–they changed into their very nicest clothes for this picture.  The littlest is holding her barbie (obviously her most prized possession).

Greggory and I made a visit to the home of the woman in the purple jacket.  The whole neighborhood crowded into the hut to see us (and when I say ’crowded’, I mean it–the hut was about 6′ by 6′ and there were about 15 of us).   On leaving they presented us with a huge bunch of bananas as a gift.  We tried to refuse, but of course they wouldn’t let us. 

Greggers and I in the clinic where she does work with women’s sexual health.  She helps the nurses with checking in patients and gives lectures about pregnancy, nutrition and sexually transmitted diseases and I’m sure much more.   Of course, she does all of this in perfect Malagasy. 

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