Cough, cough.

Yeah, so I haven’t blogged for quite some time because I was hit by a very unsavory Swazi virus this past week. And there’s basically nothing I can do but get a lot of rest and hope that my tonsils will stop being so on fire soon. Apparently, it’s flu season in Swaziland, and when you work all day in a waiting room filled with little kiddies . . . well, there’s no escaping it.

In other news: Lindsay and Rachel (two other Rice kids in our program) have come from Botswana to visit us here in Swaziland! And, they’ve brought two Canadians with them! And my house is now full of people!

Also, Yvette and Lauren (two ladies that are in charge of my program) are arriving today.

And, on Tuesday (I think) Dr. Richards-Kortum and another professor from Rice are coming along with a camera man–to film us for a day! Ay! How frightening! I hope I’m feeling better for that!!

Later today, I’m heading off to the Swazi Cultural Village (possibly more on that later) and then to dinner at an especially savory restaurant called Edladleni that serves traditional Swazi food! Mmm-mmm!

Well, that’s all for now–Veronica Mars is calling (Thank you Devon!).

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