Last Day!

Today is my last day working here in Malawi.

¬†I am so excited about going home!!! (So much so that I would use multiple exclamation points. That’s quite a lot of excitement.)

I’ve spent the day, so far, sitting in the pharmacy. I’ve gotten to do some dispensing, but it’s been a rather slow pharmacy day. (Though, the doctors are apparently incredibly busy. There’s 3 doctors seeing patients and the stack of charts to do seems to be about 10 high at all moments so far today.)

¬†Tomorrow morning, Dr. Anjalee and I are going to go to the wood market (because I’ve decided there are a couple more things that I want) then the driver is picking me up from her house at 11AM. My flight takes off at 1:35PM.

Malawi has been a really great experience, but I am soooo ready to go home. (Plus, my birthday is July 29. I definitely wanted to be home for that!)

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