A lot has happened

Sorry for the long silence, I’ve been without internet access for quite a while.

Since I’ve been away, I’ve spent a while in Rumphi (about an hour north of Mzuzu) at their District Hospital. The training there went relatively well, but they have had some trouble with implementation due to lack of supplies. The lack of basic reagents is a huge problem everywhere here.

¬†I’ve also been to Chitipa, which was quite a journey. Natives call Chitipa “the forgotten North of Malawi” and they really aren’t exagerating very much. It really does have a sort of forgotten feeling. It is about 7 hours away– 4 of which are on really terrible, bumpy mountain roads. (Supposedly, the government has been promising to fix the road between Karonga and Chitipa since the 70’s and about a kilometer has been accomplished.)

However, Chitipa is pretty self-sufficient. Their hospital workers were thrilled about our training because it’s rare for trainings to make it all the way up to them. They also seemed to have a really good knowledge base and had very well reasoned answers to questions. All in all, it seemed to have been a really successful training.

¬†Speaking of success, or the lack of it, the other sites are starting to run in to trouble. The Mzuzu Central Hospital is in rather desperate trouble right now because they haven’t been filling out the register correctly. There are many numbers that have been given to 2 or more children (bad! really bad!) and there are about 70 mastercards with no numbers on them. Essentially, they are goin to have to scrap about a month’s worth of work and start completely over with more close supervision. It’s really sad.

Now, I’m back in Lilongwe. I’m staying in the house I was in for the first couple weeks of my internship (and I’m actually not very happy about that. But that’s a whole different story.) Right now I’m preparing a presentation to give on Friday at “the journal club” which is really a weekly presentation about a topic to people from the clinic and any other HIV/AIDS interested group (local hospitals and health centers, the Ministry etc). This week will be “Beyond Traditional Borders Summer Internship.” At least, that’s what I’m calling it because as far as I can tell, it is supposed to cover my design project and what I’ve done in the North.

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  1. drhenry Says:

    Hi. I am curious. Is there any possibility that Dr. Ellie Click is originally from Austin, TX? If so, I last saw her when she was about 14. If this be the case, please tell her “hello” from me. Thanks.

    It is so nice to see talented youth have such a wonderful opportunity as you are having. You will look upon it favorably all of your life.

    Warmest personal regards,

    Dr. Henry Walding

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