Plans for the week

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to the Mzuzu Central Hospital Lab. Mostly I’m just going to sort of follow the director around. At least, I think so. If he isn’t at Ekwendeni doing follow up on the dry blood spot training he conducted on Sunday. It was a little unclear when I talked to him today what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

 But he invited me to the Central Lab on Wednesday because they’re doing a blood campaign. That should be really interesting. They have some of the same requirements as in the states, but not all of them. You do have to be 17 to donate. They do an HIV rapid test on the blood (but don’t tell you the result unless you ask for it specifically.) They do a syphillis rapid test on the blood. They also do a hepatitis rapid test on the blood. They don’t, however, check your hemoglobin like we do in the States. I also don’t think they type it ’til later.

 Thursday, we’re going to Nkhata Bay. Ellie will spend the day with the ARV clinic. I will spend the day in their lab.

 On Friday, we start training in Rhumpi, which is a little more than an hour from Mzuzu. We will be staying in a hotel there, so this glorious, constant internet access is going to disappear!

But it will be a fun, interesting week!

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