Missing Our SOS Kids Already….

I am in love….with a little girl named Lisemelo.  She is the most beautiful and sweetest little girl I have ever met in my life.  Every time we walk by her home at the SOS orphanage, she is always waiting on the side of the road for us because she knows by now the times that we usually walk by everyday.  She just stands there and smiles at you so sweetly.  Then, when you run up to her to give her a hug, she opens her arms so wide for you to pick her up (she is a tiny 2-year old).  I wanted to cry today though…instead of walking back to the clinic from the SOS Village today, Christina and I were picked up.  As we drove by little Lisemelo’s home, she was standing out on the street and she could see us in the car as we approached.  I waved to her and her face looked so sad when she realized that there would be no hugs today.  I looked out the back car window after we had passed and I could see her walking up closer to the street and looking after our car.  I was so sad….oh goodness, what do I do?  I am so in love with little Lisemelo! 

I love all of our SOS kids.  They are so funny.  I caught a recording of them doing a dance-off of sorts in front of the camera today.  I was filming while Christina was trying to teach the kids a hip-hop dance that they are learning as part of their Immunology Skit which they will be performing next week.  Their awesome personalities shined through so well in this recording.  I wish that there was some way to post it up on the blog.  As I filmed, all of the kids (from ages 4 all the way up to 16) were laughing and jumping in front of the camera showing off their best moves.  They kept pushing each other aside to hog the camera view, but were laughing as they tried to steal the spotlight from each other.  It is one of the funniest and cutest things I have ever seen.  I love our SOS kids…I don’t know what I’m going to do without them.

Me and Lisemelo:


Christina teaching the SOS kids a dance:


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