Group Adherence Counseling Module Debut

Last Friday, Christina and I presented the antiretroviral therapy group adherence counseling module that we have been developing to the social workers at the clinic.  This was a huge project for us since we are completely revamping how adherence counseling is done at the clinic.  Our preparations consisted of assessing what is said in the current adherence counseling sessions, how the current counseling falls short, the greatest challenges faced with poorly-adherent patients, and assessing successful group adherence counseling sessions here in Lesotho.  There were many concerns in that the current counseling module was not effective enough since there is poor adherence among many patients.  The patients do not seem to truly understand how their ARVs work or even the names of them.  Therefore, our goal was to make adherence counseling much more educational in teaching the concepts of drug resistance, how ART works, and the importance of strict drug adherence.  The doctors and social workers all seemed very supportive of doing this.


We made a powerpoint presentation to accompany our new module in order to have visual aids during the group counseling session to help the social workers explain different concepts that are generally difficult for patients to understand (i.e., drug resistance).  The social workers seemed to like the visuals on the powerpoint presentation.  We even made some simple animations to illustrate drug resistance and HIV replication.


We are scheduling patients this week for the new group adherence counseling session and will be piloting the new program next week.

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