Kgale Hill

Sorry this post is so late! On Saturday 23/06/07 (my daddy’s birthday!), Rachel and I took a combi over to Game City to climb Kgale Hill, one of the few hills/hiking opportunities in Gaborone. Game City is a very American (and expensive) shopping mall about 20 minutes away from where we live. We hadn’t been there before, so we took the opportunity to wander around inside before heading up to the hill.


We had to walk down this long dirt road to get to the side of the hill with the “trails” before we could finally start climbing. There was a quarry near the trailheads which unfortunately wasn’t blasting that day–that would have been crazy to see!

The climb up was pretty much all rock–not much vegetation, which isn’t surprinsing for Botswana. There were trails at times, but it was basically just scrambling over rocks with the general purpose of getting to the top of the hill.


It took about 2 hours to get to the top of the big hill, and the view was amazing! From the top, you could see on one side a very long road (kinda common in Botswana), a ridiculous view of Gaborone, and the Gaborone Dam, which I’m sure is one of the few bodies of water in Botswana.


There were several vantage points from the top of the hill, because it basically plateaued at the top and you could walk all around the perimenter of the top. In the middle, there was another formation of rocks and a huge cell phone tower in the middle.

And then Rachel and I found this huge rock on the edge of the hill that had “Fidel” written on it in huge print. It was kinda hard to get to, but luckily my jump onto it was successful! Most of the pics above were taken from this vantage point–I just had to stuff my camera down my shorts when I jumped.

For our descent, Rachel and I decided to climb down the big hill and back up to the hill seen above in the background. It all went well until we started climbing down the smaller hill, where there was no semblance of a trail. At all. And it was starting to get dark, not bad, but enough to get us scurrying. We made it back to the combis before dark, so you can stop worrying, mom. ;)


Needless to say, we slept well that night.

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