Kanye KITSO Outreach

Last week, Rachel and I joined Dr. Marape Marape and Dr. Jebril to Kanye, a village north of Gabs, for KITSO training. KITSO is sponsored by UNICEF and serves primarily to educate healthcare professionals about HIV/AIDS in both kids and adults. The training in Kanye was held at a beautiful lodge with traditional-style buildings. The healthcare workers spent four days of the work-week here, with sessions usually lasting from 8am-4pm. Rachel and I were there for only the last of the four days but still got a good idea of what KITSO is all about. The Baylor HIV Nursing Curriculum is basically the curriculum for the program, and whichever doctor from the COE is there lectures on a specific topic with a premade Powerpoint presentation. While we were there, Dr. Marape lectured on nutrition and the CDC classifications.

I’ll let Rachel cover the rest, but here are a few pics of our day:

(Rachel took the pic of Marape below and of the women taking a test)

SoccerandMochudi031.jpg SoccerandMochudi026.jpg SoccerandMochudi024.jpg    SoccerandMochudi060.jpg

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