Rice Unconventional Wisdom Beyond Traditional Borders

Through an initiative called Beyond Traditional Borders,
Rice University students traveled to Africa for an
8-week summer internship to learn about healthcare in
the developing world and to implement health technologies
and educational programs of their own design.

Owls Beyond Borders chronicles their transformative experiences.

Made possible by a grant to Rice University from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Undergraduate Science Education Program.
Kemly PhilipKemly Philip
Kristen RogersKristen Rogers
Christine BohneChristine Bohne
Jenna HookJenna Hook
Kim HartsonKim Hartson
Mina FitzpatrickMina Fitzpatrick
Neha KamatNeha Kamat
Joshua OzerJoshua Ozer
Joanna CummingsJoanna Cummings
Guyton DurninGuyton Durnin
Mark HoffmanMark Hoffman
Amanda HuAmanda Hu
June LiuJune Liu
Scott StegerScott Steger
Matt WesleyMatt Wesley
Meagan BarryMeagan Barry
Tiffany YehTiffany
Meagan BarryMeagan Barry
Tiffany YehTiffany
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